Taken by photographer Jack Delano in July 1940, a group of Florida migrants on their way to Cranberry, New Jersey. The picture was taken near Shawboro, North Carolina.


Promoting Awareness and Experiences of Black People

The Center for Research, Engagement and Collaboration in African American Life (RECAAL) was launched in Fall of 2020. Focusing on innovative research and cooperative engagement, the Center for RECAAL is an incubator of ideas promoting awareness about the complex experiences of Black people in the United States.

This photo depicts a symbolic funeral of Jim Crow. The African-American men are wearing tuxedos while carrying a coffin and a sign saying "Here Lies Jim Crow" as a demonstration against "Jim Crow" segregation laws in 1944.

What is the Center for RECAAL?

The Center for RECAAL primarily serves as an interdisciplinary academic resource center. It promotes stimulating research initiatives and programming related to African American life and will facilitate mutually beneficial collaborative opportunities with the Winston-Salem community.

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About the above image: The symbolic funeral of Jim Crow. The men are wearing tuxedos while carrying a coffin and a sign saying “Here Lies Jim Crow” as a demonstration against “Jim Crow” segregation laws in 1944.

Photo of early members of Wake Forest University’s Black Student Association.

Research Initiatives

The Center for RECAAL’s research initiatives are tied to its role in assisting the university in living out the motto, Pro Humanitate. We promote interdisciplinary engagement that fosters collaboration across Wake Forest’s campus. The Center encourages our faculty’s collaborative intellectual energy in African American experiences by providing sustained support for research, scholarship and discourse.

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About the above image: Early members of Wake Forest University’s Black Student Association.

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Opening Symposium: “The Future of Research, Teaching, and Engagement in African American Life”
May 22, 2020

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Featured Previous Event

Dawn Davis Public Conversation


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First Sit-in Victory in North Carolina Sign

Community Facing Work

The Center for RECAAL works with local community members, leaders, institutions, educational and artistic organizations to collaborate and sponsor thematic programming benefiting both Wake Forest University and the Winston Salem community. We also partner with the Winston Salem community to conduct place-based research on contemporary social justice issues.

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Derek Hicks speaking at the Original Campus cemetery

Integrated Teaching & Learning

The Center for RECAAL, in partnership with the African American Studies Program, will support innovative teaching and learning in the classroom. Through our grant programs we seek to assist faculty in offering innovative courses that foreground African American life.

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Support RECAAL

Support RECAAL

Any gifts offered to the Center for RECAAL will be used for needs related to one of our programs unless otherwise specified. Your gifts are tax deductible.

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